To Our Pediatrics Plus Families

We’re taking every step we can to protect you and your children — and our entire community — during this COVID-19 outbreak. We are closely following updates from the state health department and Yale New Haven Hospital and will keep you updated if recommendations change or as new information becomes available. To help ensure the health and safety of our patients, we are making some temporary changes to our scheduling procedure. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience these changes may cause.

For the next two weeks (and longer if needed), we have made the following changes:

  1. We will be seeing well visits only in the morning (physicals, baby weight checks, etc).
  2. Our office will close at 5pm but, as always, a nurse or clinician is available when the office is closed to address any concerns that cannot wait until normal office hours. By shifting our evening clinicians’ hours to earlier in the day, we hope to maximize the number of well visits we can accommodate each day while still having plenty of time available for acute visits.
  3. If you think your child needs an office visit due to illness, injury, or other concerns, please call to speak with one of our nurses to determine if your questions can be answered over the phone, if your child needs a telemedicine visit online with one of our clinicians, or if your child needs an afternoon in-office visit with one of our clinicians.
  4. We have new cleaning protocols in place, especially for commonly-touched surfaces.
  5. We’ve temporarily removed toys, magazines, and books from our waiting room and exam rooms, as they are difficult to clean between patient visits.

Please help us keep our patients and staff healthy by abiding by the following guidelines:

  1. When you arrive for your appointment, please stay in your car and call to tell us you’ve arrived. When a room is available, you’ll be directed to come directly to your clean exam room.
  2. If a patient or parent/caregiver or sibling has ANY potentially contagious symptoms (including fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea) or has been exposed to COVID, please do not come into our office at this time, especially for well visits. If we are concerned that anyone in your family is exhibiting these symptoms when you arrive for your visit, your visit will be rescheduled.
  3. If possible, please leave siblings at home and have only one adult accompany your child for appointments in our office.
  4. If our clinicians (or other staff members) develop any symptoms of COVID, we will have them stay home for the safety of our patients and staff. We apologize if this leads to your child’s appointment being moved or rescheduled.

Children and COVID-19

COVID-19 is a coronavirus, a type of virus that usually causes the common cold. COVID-19 is a new strain of the virus that behaves differently than previous strains, causing severe illness in some. The evidence so far suggests that children have been getting COVID-19 but generally experience mild symptoms with the disease.

We understand that the current situation with COVID-19 can be scary for both parents and children. However, there are some things that we can do to help prevent the spread of this virus. Everyone should follow common sense precautions such as:

  • Staying home when sick
  • Avoiding large events or groups of people
  • Good handwashing
  • Not touching our faces

What is potentially concerning is if children spread COVID-19 to those around them. Older adults and those with significant health concerns are at much higher risk of serious disease. This is why the state health department and medical advisors have been recommending limiting contacts and canceling large gatherings that put older family members at risk.

This website has useful information about COVID-19, including suggestions for how to talk to your child about the virus:

We hope to have information for you soon about COVID-19 testing in our area. For now, Yale New Haven Health has started a free COVID-19 hotline to provide information and answer questions about the virus: (203) 688-1700 (toll-free: (833) 484-1200), 7am to 7pm.

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